M3 – Multiplication [Norway]

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About the Course

M3 - Multiplication [Norway]

Welcome to M3 – Multiplication. Jesus said: “and make disciples of all nations...”. Jesus doesn’t care very much about how many people we have coming to our meetings; what he does care about is how we’re taking care of his workers, followers and disciples. This is a challenge for all churches, but this becomes very real for those of us working in church planting. On the long run, all growth is dependent upon making disciples.  The goal of M3 is to help you create healthy rhythms of discipleship  Before the gathering, you will listen to four teachings on this online platform. The topic in our third M4 gathering will be:

Creating rhythms of discipleship

The questions we will ask are:

  • What are the discipleship practices you have agreed on to live out in the team? 
  • How do you integrate new believers into your church plant? 
  • What is the process that helps new believers grow to maturity in Christ? 

We ask you to watch through all the teachings and read the introduction and chapters for M3 in the M4 book before attending the weekend gathering.  In connection to these teachings, you will be asked for some brief reflections as well. Your reflections will then be shared with the leaders of M4 and will help shape the weekend gatherings to make them more interactive and directed to the needs of the attendees.

During each weekend gathering, an action plan will be completed that will guide your team and a coach, who will be supporting you throughout the entire M4 process.