M1 – Master [international]

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About the Course

M1 - Master [international]

Welcome to M1 – Master. Jesus said: “I’m given all power in heaven and on earth”. He is the MASTER. He is the one who calls the church planter and the team members. He gives vision, direction and unity. Therefore the goal of M1 is to help your team further clarify the vision God has given to you and also grow your commitment to each other. Prior to the first gathering, you will listen and reflect upon four teachings found here on this platform. The topic in our first M1 gathering will be:

How to build a healthy team with a clear vision and defined model?

We will ask you:

  • Are all team members clear on the required commitment level?
  • What are your values, vision and church model, and do you agree as a team on these?
  • Where do you see yourself in 2-3 years from now? What's the picture you envision?

We kindly ask you to watch through all the teachings and read the introduction and chapter M1 in the M4 book before attending the weekend gathering.  Following each teaching, you will be asked for some brief reflections. Your reflections will then be shared with the leaders of M4 and will help shape the weekend gatherings in order to make them more interactive and directed towards the needs of the attendees.

During each weekend gathering, an action plan will be completed that will guide your team and your coach, who will be supporting you throughout the entire M4 process.