1. Self ledership

Instructor:  Øivind Augland
Course Dates: Open-ended
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Course Language: English
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About the Course

1. Self ledership

This is first module off three that is held in Novosibiri February 2019. The three module topic are: 1. Self leadership, 2. Team leadership (sept 19), 3. Organizational (church) leadership (feb 20). In this online course you will find the teaching from the course. We make this available for the student at this course with the purpose: 

  • For yourself: Go trough the teaching again for their own repetition. 
  • Training others: The leaders have been challenge to train others in their region and to trough the course with them. They will provide the course manual for you, and you can go trough the teaching and do the assignment in the course manual. You can meet with   and meet with your leader wither one by one our in group. 

If you are want to go trough the course. Go in and registrar on the plattform. You need a course code to get in. You will get this by sending a E-mail to the coordinator of this course. Name and E-mail.  Your leader that have already gone trough the courses for himself, will provide you with a workbook. The topic we cover are: 

1. My leadership history

2. My potential

3. My calling and passion

4. My integrated life house (life balance)

5. My support team. 


Øivind Augland